Are blindspots blocking you from the life you want?


What Are Blindspots?

Are you being blocked by blindspots you didn’t know you had? Blindspots are what I call unconscious commitments. They are beliefs we ingested as a child that keeps us limited, they are old wounds that cause us to hurt others and ourselves, they are programs our subconscious has decided keeps us safe.

Where Did these Beliefs Come From?

I often talk about this in my blogs and posts. Cognitive neuroscientists have now discovered that from birth to age 5 or 8 we are in the theta and beta brainwave. What does that mean?

We are in a hypnotic-like state, and easily “programmed”.

Hence the use of blindspots. Our brain had a lot of information to digest. How to talk, walk, eat, dress, and understand the family and cultural dynamics, to name a few. We didn’t have enough language to understand what we were ingesting and we definitely didn’t have a developed frontal lobe which is our reasoning center.

Your subconscious mind has beliefs about all areas, money, health, relationships, self-worth, failure/success, love, religion, and on an on. These beliefs can also be called programs or even habits. Your conscious mind is usually not aware of how entrenched they are.

Old Wounds and Trauma Can Create Blindspots

Adding to our blindspots are old wounds and trauma. These are actual events that have happened to us that we assigned a meaning, emotion, and behavior too. The meaning, emotion, and behavior will be different for each person. Let me give you an example:

A very successful man had a job that required him to speak in front of a group of people. Any time he did, he would sweat so profusely, his clothing would be drenched all the way through. After some work, it was discovered in middle school he had some trauma. He was walking across the cafeteria and tripped in front of a group of girls. His tray dropped and scattered food everywhere, causing laughter from the group of girls. His young brain assigned a meaning. The meaning was, “I can’t be trusted in front of groups of people.” The emotion extreme shame and embarrassment. The behavior profuse sweating.

Can you see how this would be a blindspot? Until it was uncovered he had no idea what was causing the profuse sweating. Once uncovered, he was able to work through the trauma. Until they are uncovered old wounds can sabotage new relationships, jobs, success, finances, all kinds of areas.

Your Subconscious Mind Will Keep Recreating The Same Thing

Your subconscious mind is supposed to keep you safe, that is one of its jobs. If you are reading this it did a good job. Which means, all of those blindspots, beliefs, programs are working in your favor, technically. The only way to stop recreating these experiences?

1.Become aware of what the beliefs or blind spots are

2.Dissolve the belief through micro thought and emotional habits

3.Consciously and consistently replace the programming.

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