Keeping a gratitude journal can have many benefits for your life, including a big impact on your health and happiness. It has been shown to reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and only takes a few minutes each day.

When Should You Write In Your Journal?

If possible writing in your gratitude journal every day is ideal. To get started try and tie writing in your journal to an established habit. For example, right after you brush your teeth, or while drinking your morning beverage. Keep your journal and writing utensil in a place that is easy to access.

What Format Should You Use?

How you journal is a personal choice and is different for each person. Will it be online? Will it be in a journal book created for journaling or will it be a spiral notebook? Whatever will be easiest for you works.

Once you have decided on how you will journal, choose a format. You can do a bullet journal, where at the top you add the date and I am grateful for: Then list away, no punctuation needed. Or you can write it in an essay form explaining in detail why you are grateful. Or maybe write sentences. There is no wrong or right way, as long as it works for you, so you will keep doing it.

What Do You Write?

You can write about anything you feel grateful for that day. If you are stuck start with these three.

1. I am grateful for… name one person and why.

2. I am grateful for…. the best part of your day. It could be that you had access to clean water, anything works.

3. I am grateful for…. any acts of kindness you witnessed, received, or gave

Resources to Journals

Below are links to some different resources to get the journal that works for you.

Online Journal

Gratitude app journal

Gratitude journals on Amazon

Other Things You Can Journal On

Besides writing what I am grateful for each day, I also write 3 goals I have for myself and 3 wins that pertain to my goals. Once you get in a habit of writing what you are grateful for feel free to expand to add other things.

Some ideas:

. Daily affirmations

. Goals

. Wins

. Positive Quotes

. Dreams that you remember

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