Your Desires are Magical


Your desires are magical; they show you where your journey is meant to take you. They don’t come to you by accident. It's your soul whispering to you.

I believe every single person has a gift they are supposed to share with the world. This gift isn’t necessarily a skill, but rather a passion. Some people never find their gift or don’t recognize it.

So how do you know what your gift is?

Simple. When do you feel most alive? What makes your heart sing? What excites you? When was the last time you lost track of time what were you doing? What is something you have been doing with joy most of your life? Maybe it’s drawing, building, or coaching. Whatever it is, that’s your gift. Still not sure? Try journaling at the end of each day. Write down when were you the happiest, most relaxed, and most joyful? Your journal will begin to reveal a pattern. Whatever that is make time for it every day. Maybe some days that will only be 5 minutes.

Then find someone who could benefit from your gift.

For me, it was dancing. At the tender young age of 33, I started dancing. I had a four-year-old and was pregnant with my second. Making it through a song without having to sit down was hard because I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t care, it was my passion I loved it. I would call this desire magical for me.

This desire grew and grew. Before long I was teaching and growing our community. Then I decided that our community needed higher-level dancers to learn from, so I started bringing them in. That led to owning a dance studio and hosting a nationally sanctioned dance event where I could share my love with others.

I co-created something magical. I had over 300 people attending a twenty-four hour - 3-day event from all over the world. I juggled DJs, MC, contests, classes, social dancing, videographers, and more.

Remember it’s the journey that’s supposed to be magical because the ending is the same for everyone and desires are magical.